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Wellness Research

Examples of activities, efforts, and programs to support Well-being:

  • The HHS Office of Professional Worklife is responsible for the work lives and wellness of 700+ healthcare providers at Hennepin Healthcare.
  • Institute of Professional Worklife - performs national and international projects in burnout reduction with the American Medical Association (AMA), the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and large healthcare organizations seeking to reduce burnout through worklife and workflow improvements.
  • Provider Wellness Survey based on the HHS-created Mini Z 1.0 Survey.
  • Action plans developed based on data to address specific provider concerns, even at the Division level
  • Department of Medicine Wellness Champions are local mini-experts in wellness who support wellness in the department. Wellness Champions meet monthly as part of the Hennepin Healthcare Provider Wellness Committee to share issues/ideas/suggestions on supporting provider wellness with other departments’ Wellness Champions.
  • “in lieu” days offered to give providers a day of rest after a week of in-service.
  • Reset Room - Private room with water, yoga mat, recliner, computer, and flameless candles to go 24/7 when a quiet moment is needed
  • Belzer Family Provider Dining and Wellness Center - Open 24/7 with badge access – Food counter - Exercise room - Shower and changing room - Linens
  • Research on provider wellness, burnout prevention, and moral injury

Key Department of Medicine Wellness research:

Dr. Elizabeth Goelz

Dr. Goelz's Publications

Dr. Elizabeth Goelz is the Wellness Officer for the Medical Staff. She participates in the measurement and analysis of provider work-life indicators, provides direct support to providers, and meets with HHS system leaders and Chairs to implement strategies to reduce provider burnout and improve satisfaction. Dr. Goelz leads grant-funded research in provider burnout and wellness and is an invited speaker locally and nationally on these subjects.

Dr.  Mark Linzer

Dr. Linzer's Publications  

Dr. Linzer has performed foundational work to define the impact of physician burnout in patient care and identify remediable work conditions to improve outcomes for clinicians and patients. He has devoted the past 20 years to making healthcare systems better, safer, and more sustainable places for clinicians and their patients.

Dr. Martin Stillman

Dr. Stillman's Publications 

Dr. Stillman, a general internist, lawyer, and Director of Provider Wellness and Retention, often utilizes his experience of conflict management and mediation to assist Hennepin and other organizations in bringing about necessary changes to promote physician wellness and departmental harmony. He works closely with the AMA and is a co-author on several high-impact publications from the Coping with Covid study. He also co-directed the BETER study at Hennepin, a randomized trial of mentoring to reduce burnout at Hennepin, a randomized trial of mentoring to reduce burnout.